Baby Blanket by MoonlitDreams



Butterfly baby blanket - Free shipping

Our MoonlitDreams specialty baby blankets are made with "on the go" in mind. Every baby blanket is handmade with premium Snuggle flannel, paired with super soft bumpy Minky. They are perfectly sized to cover your little loved one with no overhang. Keeping them warm and snuggly without accidental ground dirt getting on the blanket.

Have you ever carried a car seat with a bigger blanket through a busy parking lot and stepped on that corner that was hanging? Possibly tripping you, and getting the blanket all dirty. Yuck! How about pushing the stroller at a family outing and that treasured blanket keeps popping out near the wheels? Causing you to stop and adjust it constantly so it doesn't get stuck under a wheel? SAY NO MORE!

*Exquisite butterfly print

*Perfect car seat size

*Perfect stroller size

*Premium snuggle flannel and Minky

*No more tripping or re-adjusting blankets

*Warm and ultra-soft!

*Free Shipping

Thanks for looking! We hope you'll make MoonlitDreams a part of your family.

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