About us-MoonlitDreams LLC

Welcome to MoonlitDreams LLC!

We produce unique and remarkable blankets and other comfort items you'll love to own and show off! From weighted blankets that help you sleep and relax faster, to custom throw blankets for sporting events or home relaxation we have you covered in every way possible. We are always developing new products that will bring relaxation or comfort to you!

As parents of an autistic daughter who loves auto racing and a star fast-pitch softball catcher we have developed our products through the needs of everyone in our lives. At MoonlitDreams, we are tirelessly finding better comfort solutions for everyone we meet in all situations we find ourselves in. Let MoonlitDreams help you relax and find your comfort in your unique way!

Located in Brighton, CO. We are only 5 minutes from a USPS office, 10 minutes from a UPS store, and FedEx is only a few more minutes out! This central location gives us great opportunity to get your custom relaxation product shipped quickly once it's made.