Peaceful Waters Weighted Blanket



Custom weighted blankets - FREE SHIPPING

These Custom weighted blankets will be made in the peaceful waters print shown, and dotted minky fabric in your choice of color. 
If you don't see something you absolutely love here, please check our shop listings for other custom posts.

Every Moonlit Dreams weighted blanket is made custom to your choices. Made with absolute care and passion for making people feel relaxed! We don't sell products, We sell experiences!! We fully appreciate all our customers and fans. You all are awesome!

If you're unsure of what weight is needed for the user of this blanket, the suggestion for a weighted blanket by Occupational Therapists is 10% of user weight, plus 1 lb. If you need a blanket over 20 lbs, please send us a message and we will create a custom order for you.

Approx. Blanket sizing:

Child weighted blanket: 35" x 50"
Teen weighted blanket: 40" x 60"
Twin weighted blanket: 40" x 75"

We cannot make or ship a blanket until it is paid for. Due to the nature of custom made orders, we are unable to cancel a purchase once the item has been started. We appreciate your understanding.

95% of our business is custom orders. If you like what you see here but need a different size, different materials or more weight just shoot us a message! We have made what some customers thought was impossible, possible.
Welcome to MoonlitDreams, where we've been creating comfort for homes since 2012!

Our journey into making weighted blankets started in 2012 as our daughter was diagnosed with high functioning Autism.

We found weighted blankets would help with the sensory issues she experienced. Something that wasn't a pill that produced a calm feeling was heaven for her! An online search was a shock as we couldn't believe the prices companies were charging. Everything we found was also generic. One color and not the best quality. At that point this Mom went to studying and designing. A couple of designs weren't quite right, but then I stumbled upon the key to making the weight distribute perfectly!

We're now making these high quality blankets while keeping the prices affordable for the average family.

You can now feel the joy of relief that these blankets can possibly provide! Seeing and hearing that MoonlitDreams weighted blankets have brought some calm and comfort to any home is what drives us.

We can do most any color combo, and work to find prints that are requested. We can special order them in but please note that this could extend shipping times and add to the cost.

Our customers LOVE our products!

Weighted products are NOT CURES for any ailment or illness. Please talk with your OT or health care provider to find what will best help you or your loved one. Weighted blankets are a tool that can possibly provide a sensory comfort. In no way do we imply that this device replaces any doctor recommended regimen. Moonlit dreams blankets are guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects at shipping. If you receive your product, and find a major defect we will fix it and ship your blanket back in a timely manner. Normal wear and tear, or misuse is not covered as workmanship defect.

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