Butterfly Weighted Blanket



These Custom weighted blankets are a MoonlitDreams best seller! Premium cotton material for a long lasting weighted blanket. Elegant butterfly print brings your inner childs' visual senses to life, any time. Paired with your color choice of a luxuriously soft, premium bumpy minky back.

* Cotton material for a cooler temperature

* Comfortable therapy blankets provide relaxation anywhere, anytime

* Double stitching for maximum durability

* Weight is equally distributed across all pockets

* Premium cottons and Minky materials

* Made with absolute care and passion for making people feel relaxed

* Every blanket made to YOUR choices

* Quick, easy comfort for all times of day

If you're unsure of what weight is needed for the user of this blanket, the suggestion for a child weighted blanket by Occupational Therapists is 10% of user weight, plus 1 lb.

Adult weighted blankets should be 10% of your ideal body weight.

Blanket sizing: (Approximate)
Child weighted blanket: 35" x 50"
Teen weighted blanket: 40" x 60"
Twin weighted blanket: 40" x 75"

Contact us to inquire about larger sizes or weights

MoonlitDreams weighted blankets come in other absolutely stunning patterns also.



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Weighted products are NOT CURES for any ailment or illness. Please talk with your OT or health care provider to find what will best help you or your loved one. Weighted blankets are a tool that can possibly provide a sensory comfort. In no way do we imply that this device replaces any doctor recommended regimen. Moonlit dreams blankets are guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects at shipping. If you receive your product, and find a major defect we will fix it and ship your blanket back in a timely manner. Normal wear and tear, or misuse is not covered as workmanship defect.

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